Frequently Ask Questions 

The following questions are the most common questions about our summer program. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Q. If my daughter attends more than one session will she be doing the same activities?

A. Each session is designed and planned with a variety of new dances and activities to enable our repeat campers to continue to learn and enjoy our six week program. We do have themes in addition to the dance each session. 


Q. Is my 4-year old too young to attend?  

A. No, we carefully plan a special program for our 4  year old girls. This program inspires the girls to explore, experience and make new connections with the world around them. Our program gives the structure and guidance girls need to grow, in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. 


Q. What is the teacher/counselor to child ratio?

A. There is one qualified teacher/counselor for every 10 girls.


Q. Does the campers attend the pool?

A. No the campers do not go to a pool.


Q. Are you a day or sleepover camp?

A. We are an all girls day camp summer program.


Q. How long are the girls outside each day during the outdoor activities?

 A.  Each group will participate in outdoor activities for 30 minutes  3 times a week, weather permitting.


Q.  My daughter is very shy and does not have any dance and musical experience. Will she be left out?

A. Our program is carefully planned to welcome all girls with or without any experience. The goal of our program is to introduce and expose our girls to a variety of age appropriate activities.

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